Bring a Book to Bed Day

Today is a holiday, albeit a new one, which is why you may not have heard about yet. It is the Second Annual International Bring a Book to Bed Day! It is the kind of holiday that you can celebrate in bed, in your pyjamas.

There is no perfect way to celebrate Bring a Book to Bed Day – whether all day, for an hour, five minutes or just a little time before falling asleep – just take some time to enjoy a good book. You can even take pictures of your celebrations and upload them to Writers Lake.

Writers Lake belongs to Maria Alba Brunetti, in fact she invented this unique holiday last year. On this day everyone is invited to unplug, relax and enjoy a good book. In our hectic modern lives it is hard to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of a good book. That’s why the cold and cloudy end of February is the ideal time to celebrate this holiday.

It seems that translators especially, those who spend their days deconstructing long, complicated texts, often do not want to pick up a book when the work day is done. Just don’t forget what led you to a career as a translator in the first place – probably the same thing that brought me here: love of the written word, no matter what the language. Happy reading.


One response to “Bring a Book to Bed Day

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this fun little holiday. It’s on my calendar for next year. For what it’s worth I always end my day reading a chapter or two (or more) in bed. Last night I read “I’d Rather Be Single than Settle.” 🙂

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