Xing: Networking in the German-Speaking World

On the recommendation of an acquaintance of mine, I joined Xing. In fact, she couldn’t believe that I wasn’t already on Xing. I live and work as a freelancer in Germany; like most, I am connected to the virtual world via LinkedIn, Twitter, proZ, TranslatorsCafe, Facebook, and …well …now Xing. Professionals around the world are now familiar with LinkedIn though it originated in the US. Xing is a comparable concept, is a German enterprise and is not well-known outside of the German-speaking world. Though for anyone living and working in or with the German language, Xing is a must.

It is free to set up a basic profile on Xing and you can choose the language you want for managing your account. I like the slightly unique approach to the profile page starting with ‘wants’ and ‘haves’, which makes it easier to find people to do business with. Though I don’t have very many contacts on Xing, I have already been able to generate new business by joining and participating in groups. Last night the Berlin Community got together for an evening of casual networking. It was more fun than work, a very international group and a great way to spend a Tuesday evening. I look forward to my next Xing event invitation.


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