Recycled Paper + Ecofont = ‘Green’ Translation

When it comes to editing, I have to do things the old fashioned way – that is pen to paper. My guilty conscience works over time every time I print out my translation for the final edit. That is why I use  recycled paper, front and back, before recycling the paper again. But that still leaves the problem of the wickedly expensive and wasteful ink.

Saving ink has always been possible by setting the printer to ‘rough draft’ mode, which would result in a lighter more imperfect print-out but fine for editing. Well, now there is another way to save on ink. It is a new font, the ecofont.

Under the motto ‘less is more’, the ecofont looks like a basic Vera Sans font until you take a closer look or blow it up making the holes visible. By covering the letters in small white cirlces, the ecofont will save you up to 20% of ink on each printed page.

Ecofont is the work of SPRANQ creative communications agency in the Netherlands. The new font is available to download for free from their website. It is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux systems. Find out more.


2 responses to “Recycled Paper + Ecofont = ‘Green’ Translation

  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to download the font right away. I also prefer to proofread with a pen and paper, because it forces me to think about each change twice – when I first tweak it and then when I enter the change into Word. I print front and back as well, so this ecofont will be great.

    • I am glad to hear that I am not the only one. I’ve tried to edit on the screen if only to save paper and ink but there are always little things that slip through. I need to see the text in a different form in order to get it right. Luckily the ecofont and recycled paper make it possible without a guilty conscience!

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