Freitag Fun: two words…good by

Lots of people think they don’t need to hire a translator because they learned English at school.

Lots of people thing they can save money on a professional translator if it is only a short text.

Lots of people think that English is easy.

For those people I only have two words…’good by’.

This sign hangs above the door at a hotel in Hamburg, Germany (spotted November 2008).



4 responses to “Freitag Fun: two words…good by

  1. Groan! That’s a good one!

  2. A good one…and so typical. They always think “they can English” when, in fact, they so clearly can’t.

    Nice blog, by the way, and thanks for linking to my site at Translation-Language-Culture. I’ll add yours to my blogroll the next time I update my blog.

  3. Haha – this reminds of a similar error I saw on a sign at the exit to the IKEA carpark in Montpellier: it read “Bonne route / Gute Reise / Good road”.

    Somehow they managed to reasonably translate French into German, but totally stuffed up the English. There had obviously been no professional translator involved. “Save travels” or “drive safely” would’ve been fine, but “Good road” is a clanger.

  4. It could be worse: Good Buy! 🙂

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