This too shall pass

Often weeks will go by with no new assignments coming in. I will spend my time marketing. I will spend my time fixing my image. I will have to remind myself to be patient. It can be a full-time job to keep myself from getting discouraged.
At the moment I am trying to remember what that feels like. I am trying to remind myself that this is success. I am trying to revel in it.

Isn’t this what we all wish and strive for? One project after another. And one more to see you through the whole month from start to finish; the month with no rest. Perhaps you should be careful what you wish for …. since you may just get it.

Whether experiencing a dry spell or living in the weeds, as they say, one thought keeps me going – I remind myself of one of my favorite quotes:

‘this too shall pass.’


One response to “This too shall pass

  1. Do be careful what you wish for and enjoy the quiet time in this wonderful city. I remember fondly the days when I could enjoy the city’s museums and concerts and all I had to worry about was not making it back through the checkpoints.

    If you’ve got time on the 29th of this month, why not join us for a glass of wine, nice chat with local colleagues and a bit of networking?

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