Mourning the Passing of a Calendar

My calendar is a compact book with a hard green cover. It has jewel-like designs on the front and a magnet closure that goes ‘snap’ every time I shut it. The pages are worn and have become wet and then dried so many times in rain storms, tea fiascoes and the like. For the past two years this calendar, which is so much more than just a calendar, has come with me where ever I go. It is where I write down all of my appointments, deadlines, fun activities, experiences, and basically anything I don’t want to forget. It is bursting with business cards and ticket stubs, stickers, dried flowers etc. When I open it I can look up a specific day and be reminded of almost everything that happened (or didn’t happen) on that day.

I remember the day I got my iPhone. It was my birthday. As I signed the contract though I did not truly understand the ramifications and the lifestyle changes I was entering into. Acquiring an iPhone was necessary in order to keep connected to the internet, e-mail and my translation clients, without being tied to my home computer. But what I didn’t realize beforehand, was that getting an iPhone would make my calendar superfluous. Now I have this phone, which is also an iPod, a camera, notebook, and well, a calendar.

Over the past 6 weeks I haven’t written anything in my little green book. The pages are bare. In fact, you would never know how busy I have been. There is no mention of projects or deadlines not to mention the afternoon dates for Kaffee and Kuchen, hair appointments etc. My old calendar doesn’t even seem to know what day it is since the ribbon marking the week is actually weeks off the mark.

I really am an old-fashioned kind of girl. Even in this high-tech information age we are living in I keep a journal in an actual book, using a pen and paper. I love browsing in stationary stores. I love writing on high-quality paper in just the right shade of cream with the perfect pen that feels right in my hand, leaves a strong stroke on the page without bleeding or running or smudging. I love writing in my journal and I loved writing in my calendar as well. It was always so permanent. Even if plans changed, the crossed out is always plain to see. In a digital world, a change is usually a delete. It is gone forever. Gone without a trace.

My old calendar somehow got deleted, though that wasn’t my intention. I am still looking for the ‘undo’ button, but as we all know some thing cannot be undone.


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