Dear Project Managers

I am a translator. I am not a project manager. I do not hope to be a project manager. I do not believe that I would make a superior project manager. I only have one request:

Dear Project Managers of my Past, Present and Future,

Please do not send me a 60,000+ word, 200-page text for translation and tell me to have it finished “as soon as possible”.

Thank you, I appreciate it.



2 responses to “Dear Project Managers

  1. What’s the problem. You simply define “possible” on your own terms.

    I find it particularly amusing when they haven’t even bothered to analyze the project properly and are unaware of all the embedded objects with text to translate that were not included in the count 🙂

  2. Translators have to define their own standards of productivity. If you feel the deadline is too tight, don’t let a PM push you around. In the end, you’re the one responsible for the quality of the translation. If that rush job compromised the quality of your work, the PM will hold it against you regardless.

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