Mc Mc McDumping

It no doubt started with McDonald’s but where will it end?

McPaper is now one of the most successful office supply and stationary stores in Germany.


It is a large franchise with stores located all over the country; it is convenient, large, with a full selection, and relatively cheap (or they would have you think so). Those seem to be the concepts now most closely associated with the ‘Mc’ in McDonald’s. Well, it’s one way to explain the plethora of  ‘Mc’ businesses in the city of Berlin. If McPaper is the McDonald’s of the stationary stores, what would that make McClean?


You may think logically that McClean is a cleaning service or a shop selling cleaning supplies. It is actually the new name given to the public rest rooms found inside Germany’s large train stations. They are certainly large, quite clean, convenient, but anything but cheap. A visit to the immaculate facility will cost you 1.10 € the last time I checked.

A look in the Berlin yellow pages reveals a host of others too:

McBüro- likely McPaper’s biggest competition!

McTrend- fashion and accessories

And then there is the new cheap and convenient fitness studio already with several locations in Berlin: McFit.


My all-time favorite ‘Mc’ business in Berlin is located in a quiet neighborhood. It is a second-hand store that both buys and sells household products, furniture, knick-knacks or just about anything you would want to get rid of before a move: McDumping!



2 responses to “Mc Mc McDumping

  1. Excellent. Glad to see somebody following this crazy trend. Obviously McDs doesn’t have the same negative connotations here that it does in the States. So, is “Mc” becoming shorthand for fast and cheap?

    • It definitely seems to be getting out of control. Today I saw a dry-cleaner in Berlin called ‘McHemd’. For me the ‘Mc’ has more negative associations than positive, but then I’m not German.

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