Spot the Translation Mistake


Can you spot the translation mistake? I took this photo a few days ago on Bernauerstrasse in Berlin. This ice-cream truck is often parked in front of the Bernauerstrasse Documentation Center, where an original piece of the Berlin Wall also stands. You can buy ice-cream here by the ‘Kugel’ or, in the English translation, by the ‘ball.’

Just goes to show that even a one-word translation can be too much of a challenge for the novice translator. Who ever said that the only thing required to complete a translation is a dictionary?


2 responses to “Spot the Translation Mistake

  1. Great observation and I like your penultimate sentence (about even one word translations being too challenging for the novice).

    I wonder about your last sentence, though (“… all you need to translate is a dictionary”). What do I do when I’ve finished translating the dictionary?

    Sorry about my weird (British) sense of humour, I’d better get back to translating that contract I’m ploughing my way through. Perhaps that will keep me out of further mischief.

    Regards from the Wild West (a.k.a. Staaken, hanging out somewhere west of Spandau).

  2. Thanks for your comment Victor. And thanks for pointing out my mistake. Allow me to rephrase that; how about: Some people think that the only thing required to complete a translation is a dictionary.

    Today’s post is a good example of the opposite problem- translating without a dictionary:)

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