Some Vacations are for Working

Translating Berlin is on a working vacation in London. Now, a ‘working vacation’ should not be confused with ‘a vacation spent working’. Allow me to clarify: the latter is perhaps a planned family vacation in which mom brings her laptop. She does not leave the hotel room because she is too busy working. The little time spent with the family is spent arguing about how she is working the whole time and not on vacation at all. (You may as well have stayed at home.)

That would be a vacation spent working.

A working vacation, on the other hand, is designed for productivity. It means traveling in order to work, or moving your workspace to a new location for a short time. Imagine a writer renting a nice cottage in the countryside in order to get a bit of writing done.

I am currently in London and I am working full-time everyday just as I would at my home office. The difference is that for two weeks I get to spend my breaks, evenings and weekends exploring a new city – or I can bring my laptop with me and do some work while out and about.

A working vacation can be a very productive break from your routine but it does require a certain amount of discipline. The key is to plan your time – and plan it wisely.

Check back tomorrow for a list of the advantages and the disadvantages of a working vacation. And then some tips so you can make it happen too.


3 responses to “Some Vacations are for Working

  1. That is one of the joys of freelancing, and I am currently planning a working vacation in Brighton in October. I’ll spent a few days working exactly the same hours, but in an office with two very lovely friends, taking breaks with them and generally enjoying Brighton life. Bliss. Have a great time!

  2. Hi Sarah

    I think you’ll enjoy this:
    (scroll down to the “London” header). I may have mentioned Phil and his talk to you when we spoke…

  3. Great posts (all of them, on working vacation). I am also planning a good long working vacation in the US. It does require some planning, but it’s part of the fun and helps me get out of my daily routine (when to go, what to do, who to give my cats to…).

    By the way, wouldn’t it be nice to have a website for translators willing to go on working vacation, and exchanging houses ?

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