Some Vacations are for Working: Part 3

I apologize that this post is a few days late, which brings us to today’s topic: disadvantages of a working vacation.

I just returned from my working vacation. And of course, working vacations are ripe with advantages for the freelancer, as I covered in my last post. But there is also a host of disadvantages you should be aware of:

Countless new distractions. A new location comes complete with new sites to see, people to visit, and more. Finding focus and managing your time could be much more demanding than ever before.

Costs. Though it is possible to save money on travel by planning a working vacation, there are still costs to be considered like the cost of lodging, food, transport to name just a few.

Inconvenience. Taking leave of your normal working environment usually also means leaving behind some of the things you’ve come to rely on, including a printer, fax machine, car, and more. It means that some things may take longer when you need to seek out a copy shop or post office etc.

Communication. Time zone changes and/or long distance phone charges may mean that your clients will have trouble reaching you.

What about the family, your partner, the kids, the dog?

The good news is that there are ways to work around these disadvantages. Check back tomorrow for tips on how to plan your very own working vacation.


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