It's Translation Day – be proud!

I will never forget the life lesson a friend taught me in college since it helped me choose a career and become what I am today, a translator. When faced with a dilemma, conflicting opportunities or a difficult life decision, then the question is not which one will bring me fame or fortune, or which one does my society consider most respectable. No, the question to ask yourself is which will I be most proud of? By that I do not mean how to impress other people but rather how to impress yourself.

Though most translators agree that they do not get the recognition or credit they deserve, the world has grown to rely heavily on translators. Most importantly we know the credit that we deserve. And far more important than any praise from a client (nevermind a thank you) or respect in the professional world (or the creative world for that matter), paramount to all else, is our own pride in our own work.

If you are a translator and not proud of that fact, then you may be in the wrong profession. On this International Translation Day I am proud to say I am a translator.

Happy International Translation Day! In 1991 the International Federation of Translators (FIT) decided to reserved this day, September 30, to celebrate the art of translation and to encourage translators to show pride in their profession. For more information visit the FIT website:


2 responses to “It's Translation Day – be proud!

  1. Amen to that Sarah. Despite the apalling stress and often neglibile pay I think there’s dignity in being a translator. One is after all facilitating communication between civillisations. I hope one day to be able to translate and interpret from French, Dutch and Russian too!

    I’ve linked your blog to mine. Could you repay the favour?

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