My Biggest Adventure Yet

You haven’t heard from me in a long while because I am at the start of something new…

Everyday I find more and more encouraging and inspirational blogs about breaking free of the full-time, 9-5 routine and making the leap into a freelance life. Not nearly as common is the story of a freelancer who gives it all up to go work for a corporation.

A few months ago, I was offered an in-house translation job at one of Germany’s largest corporations. The job comes complete with a one-hour commute, an office with a view of a brick wall and my very own corporate ID.

I have been a freelancer all my life…until now. I have always been my own boss, always worked evenings, weekends and holidays. This new full-time job means more than a major lifestyle change for me; I see it as a learning experience and perhaps my biggest adventure of all.

I have always been happy and content in my freelance, nonconformist lifestyle, which is why I did not go looking for this job, but rather it found me. It is a 15-month position, so at the end of my contract, I may just appreciate my freelance lifestyle more than ever.

I am looking forward to a year of letting someone else run the show. It is one more opportunity, one more new experience. I am not one to pass up new experiences or opportunities so I accepted the job.

Let the adventure begin!


One response to “My Biggest Adventure Yet

  1. Good luck! I look forward to vicariously discovering life in the big bad world.

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