Spoiled for choice

IMG_2070Since finishing my 300-page book translation project recently, I am now once again able to read a book of my own choosing for the first time in 5 months. The question is, what book will it be? My “to read” list is oppressively long and my pile of acquired and still unread books seems to multiply as I sleep. But how am I ever supposed to narrow it down to one title when I cannot even decide what language it should be?

It is the plight of many a translator or any other bilingual word lover. We are spoiled for choice.  Learning a new language opens up a whole new world and it can also double the size of your library – quite literally!

Reading novels is one of my greatest joys and I can still vividly remember the satisfaction I felt after reading my first novel in German for pleasure (Der Vorleser von Bernard Schlink). I then immersed myself in German literature and did not emerge for several years. I now alternate languages with each book I pick up. Once I finish my current German novel it will be time to read some of my mother tongue again.

Do you read multiple languages? And if so, how do you decide which it will be? I’d love any book recommendations you may have as well!


One response to “Spoiled for choice

  1. I do, and I know what you mean!

    I read (and speak, obviously) French, English, Spanish and Madarin.

    French is my mother tongue. I tend to read quite a lot of “contemporary” novels in that language because it’s also a chance for me to connect with my former country. I love thrillers, and who-done-it in English and there is a lot of choice. A bit of funny chick lit too I guess 😉 As for Spanish and Chinese, I mostly read newspapers and news from the world.

    Speaking other languages is great… so many books to read!

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