Just Germanize it!

While tourists in Berlin complain about the lack of signs and information in English, the Germans are now starting to complain about all the Anglicisms in the German language, or more specifically in the Deutsche Bahn’s (German Railroad) language.

It all started when a former school principal made a complaint to his representative in Parliament about the “Kiss&Ride” sign that appeared at the short term parking area at a train station in Bavaria.

The complaint was heard and the Deutsche Bahn made an announcement that they would move away from the Anglicisms they have been using. The list of offenders is not short either:

Call a Bike
Service Point
InterCity Express

Some can stay (Intercity Express), some have to go (hotline) while others will be amended (Call a Bike).

The Call a Bike service will be amended with a German explanation:
“das Mietrad-Angebot der Deutschen Bahn.” I cannot help but wonder why so many German institutions are capable of dreaming up short and snappy English phrases and yet are only able to offer long and cumbersome German alternatives. Perhaps a short and snappy German phrase would make the people more enthusiastic about their own language.

Read more about it in today’s articles on Spiegel Online (German)
or the The Local, Germany’s news in English.


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