Achtung Dachlawinen!

The signs in Berlin read “Achtung Dachlawinen” or better yet “Gefahr von Dachlawinen.”

Dachlawinen: a winter phenomenon in Germany that can be very dangerous. The signs are there to save property owners from liability. If you’re not sure what it means, looking it up in the dictionary may not help you either. The word can be broken down into two parts:

Dach + Lawinen or   roof + avalanche.

It is especially a problem this winter since Berlin was hit with significant snow in the month of December. Temperatures are now climbing and the city is experiencing a thaw. The result is roof avalanches.
Look out down below!


3 responses to “Achtung Dachlawinen!

  1. This is rather spooky – I was always afraid of getting a
    good knock on the head from the ice falling off the roof of my
    former house. In a climate like this I don’t think any high
    buildings should be without those little retaining fences (what are
    they called?) that prevent large amounts of snow and ice from
    sliding off.

  2. …only that the fences don’t help much, because there is so much snow that the Dachlawinen have no problem rolling over them… I am by the way not afraid of those snowslides, but I fear more the icicles hanging from all roofs.

  3. We popped over the border to Colmar last week, where the
    French Pompiers (fire brigade) were working their way down the
    street, knocking down these immense icicles so they didn’t impale
    anyone. A far more proactive approach than little paper (!) signs
    warning people that they might get a hunk of snow/ice “avalanching”
    down on them.

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