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Some Vacations are for Working: Part 2

So many freelancer writers and translators rave about the freedom the lifestyle provides, including the freedom to work from anywhere – read anywhere with computer and Internet access. But how many of us actually take advantage of our freedom? And how many of us continue to sit in a home office at the same desk day in and day out?

As you may have read in yesterday’s post, Some Vacation are for Working, I am on a working vacation in London at the moment. I love working as a freelance translator and I love traveling; a working vacation is the perfect opportunity to combine the two.

Here are just some of the advantages of combining business and pleasure in one working vacation:

Save money. You do not need to take time off or sacrifice an income while traveling. Take your work with you and earn money wherever you may be.

Get to know a new place like a local. A working vacation usually means you can stay in a place longer than a traditional vacation allows. Instead of a few days why not spend a few weeks or even months in a new location? You’ll get to know your destination much better than any conventional tourist would.

Network. Why go some place where you can meet long-distance clients face to face or even secure new clients with a one-on-one meeting. Or you could meet up with colleagues you’ve met online or make new contacts along the way. A new location means new networking possibilities.

Brush up on your language skills. As translators we need to constantly work to hone our language skills, and one of the best ways to do that is through travel. A working vacation could be a great opportunity for translators to spend some time where their second or third languages are spoken.

Get motivated. Sometimes a new workspace in a new location means new-found motivation and inspiration. Traveling may just spark creative ideas or even business models for your freelance career.

A change of location, if only for a short time, brings with it countless advantages. But you also need to be prepared for the challenges you may face. Check back tomorrow for the disadvantages of a working vacation.