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Translator civil servant

It appears that even a translator can be a civil servant in Germany. Here are just 2 in-house, German-English translator positions available now:

In-house translator position available at the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin.  Read the full job description on their website.

In-house translator position available at the Federal Office of Justice in Bonn. Read the full job description here.


German govt. now hiring

If you are not sure about working as an in-house translator, a temporary position could be a great way to test the waters. The German Federal Ministry of Justice in Berlin is now hiring an in-house German-English translator to fill in for someone on paternal leave. The job is available as of December 2010 and would last for a maximum of 2 years.

Applications are being accepted until September 15, 2010. For the full job description (in German), visit their website.