The City

I live in Berlin, Germany. The capital city of reunified Germany. One of the trendiest destinations in all of Europe. A city with one of the most tumultuous and terrifying histories of the 20th century. Berlin is my adopted home.


For the past several years I have worked full-time as an historical city guide in Berlin. Though I am now dedicated entirely to my translation work, I continue to guide tours through the city a few days a week, perhaps out of habit, perhaps because it is so difficult to give up. I love unlocking the history of Berlin for visitors. I love uncovering the hidden gems this city has to offer. And I am always grateful for the opportunity to leave my computer behind, go outside in the fresh air, walk down some of the most beautiful boulevards this city has to offer, and all while meeting new people from all over the world.


Whether the Brandenburg Gate, the Television Tower, or Museum Island, I can take people not only to see the main sites in Berlin but to help make sense of the complicated events that transpired on those sites. Stories and histories are waiting on every corner in Berlin, even there where you would least expect it. Sometimes the more hidden away places can prove to be just as fascinating as the city center. In Berlin you’ll find original bunkers from WWII both above and underground, the largest former international KGB headquarters in the world, squatter homes and much more.


There is so much to be discovered in this ever changing city. Why not let me show you around? Please get in touch if you are coming to Berlin. I also have experience guiding tour groups both large and small in Hamburg and Dresden. Leave a comment if you would like me to give you a tour. Or contact me another way.


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