My promotion

My freelance career has been put on hold while I test the waters in-house. I’ve traded my home office for a one-hour commute, my bedroom slippers for a door with my name on it, my one-woman show for a company of 50,000+ employees.

I work in a translation department with a staff of 20. They are 20 people who share a love of language and a dedication to the craft of translation. It is the other 48,880 employees who worry me.

I met a manager from the logistics department. When I told him I was a translator, he said “that’s okay. You have to start somewhere right?” … He assured me that I would be promoted soon enough.

Most of the employees at the company change job titles and departments every few years. It is a phenomenon that stretches across all divisions and departments with the exception of one. The translation department. Most of the employed translators have been at it for decades.

I told my logistics manager that I am a translator by choice. That it is my pride and joy. Though I fear the message did not get through. I fear that he has already made up his mind- probably convinced that as a foreigner living in Germany, I wouldn’t have too many options, and working as a translator was probably the only job I could get.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I hope never to be a manager in logistics.


2 responses to “My promotion

  1. One of the many things I love about translating is that so many other translators love their job!
    How are you enjoying working in-house?

  2. Hi,

    I found a few links to your blog via the ATA site and I have to say that I’m quite jealous of your life! I’m hoping to go into Translation/Interpretation in the future and would love to live outside of the US while doing so. I’m currently spending a semester in Germany and loving every minute of it. I’m still learning German, but I focus on Spanish and French back in the States.

    Do you have any advice that you would have given to yourself when you were first entering the field? Within the next year I will be finishing my bachelors and applying to graduate programs, though it seems impossible to narrow the range of choices down. Thanks so much for your time and I hope you continue with such a great lifestyle!



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