The following is a list of some of the translation projects I have worked on recently.

  • Book about world populations and terrorism (governmental policy/history)
  • Business market analysis for a solar energy provider (business/environmental/energy)
  • Property and loss of profits insurance policy for industrial operations (insurance)
  • EU Directorate: communication strategy development (governmental policy/marketing)
  • General Terms of Use: software licensing contract (legal contracts/IT)
  • General Terms and Conditions for a new interactive website (legal contracts/IT)
  • Letter from an engineering office assessing water damage at a spa (business correspondence)
  • Brochure for a family owned and operated business (business commerce/marketing)
  • General Terms and Conditions for a shopping website (legal contracts/IT)
  • Privacy and data protection disclaimer (legal contracts)
  • University transcript for a medical degree program (diplomas, transcripts)
  • Letter from the state examination office for professions in the health sector (correspondence/governmental policy)
  • Multimedia product descriptions for an automobile manufacturer (IT/ auto)
  • Journalism articles: interviews and stories (journalism/publishing)
  • New interactive networking website (IT, communications)
  • Divorce decree (legal)
  • Marriage certificate (certificates)
  • Website article about privacy protection published online (publishing/IT)

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